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With our Tatko branded Tires, we are mobilizing the world!

In this journey, which we began in 2017 with passenger, light truck, agriculture, trailer, and industrial tires, we have penetrated more than 30 countries across 5 continents and delivered tires through collaborative partnerships.

With our new motto "Beyond Partnership", we are stepping up to add value to our Global Business Partners.

In 2022, we will continue to increasing our presence in new markets and on-boarding new business partners.


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Before to the production of Tatko brand tires, in the 1950s, there was an excessive demand for tire retreading in Turkey as there were no domestic tire manufacturers. To meet that demand, in 1954, Tatko established the first tire retreading facility in Mecidiyeköy, where Astoria Mall is located today. Tatko’s tire retreading journey began with the brand-new hot retreading technology and advanced in the 1990s through precured and orbit system retreading technologies. Tatko is the oldest and the biggest tire retread manufacturer in Turkey with an annual production of over 4,000 industrial tire retreads and over 30,000 truck tire retreads.

Tatko KMS Department (Rubber and Consumables Supply Department) is a solution partner to over 200 tire retreading facilities; providing consultancy, enhancing facility productivity and providing various material supply. Thanks to the Turkey distributorship of Kraiburg and Vipal brands, which are amongst the leading tread cap and consumable accessory manufacturing brands of the world, Tatko can supply retreading customers with high quality and affordable options.

KMS Department delivers not only products and services such as the traditional supplier in the retreading industry but also ensures profitable growth by providing on-the-job training, material-machine consultancy and investment consultancy.