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The knowledge and experience accumulated since 1927 allowed Tatko to provide customers with the latest truck tire products, technology and services.

Through the addition of innovative services, Tatko-Pro Fleet Management System is modernized according to the varying industry needs. Tatko-Pro is the greatest and the most comprehensive Fleet Management System in the industry.


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About TatkoPro

Tatko-Pro is the name of the “Fleet Management System” that is utilized for providing all products and services from a single point for our fleet customers using commercial (TBR) tires. Tatko-Pro measures and assesses tire operations to minimize the cost per kilometer by analyzing the data financially.

Tatko-Pro is a product-service package containing everything required to perform the tire management of a fleet at the lowest cost. Services, products and software’s such as fleet management software, domestic-foreign road assistance, TPMS, driver-tire repairman training, fleet analysis/ technical support, tire retreading and repair as well as tire, accumulator, and rim replacements are all included in the package.

Tatko was the first company in Turkey to create a fleet management system, beginning in 1991, and over time developed various functions that shaped the quality service package offered today. The software created in 2005, turned this system into an integrated online service package identified by the name Tatko-Pro. Tatko-Pro is the only Fleet Management System in Turkey that truly provides measurable benefits with such variety.

To win with Tatko-Pro, let’s manage your entire tire operation together.


“Tatko Off-Road Department” began operations with Off-Road Tires (Industrial, back-hoe loader, forklift, agricultural, trailer, etc.) and Tire retreading services in 1998 and developed into a one-of-a-kind service bundle. Over time, this bundle improved and eventually formed into a software named as OtrXpert.


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About OtrXpert

The factors that make the OtrXpert service bundle unique:

- Ability to provide technical service in work-sites that are under the most challenging conditions of Turkey (Mobile Mount/Demount services, tire Pressure and Tread Depth Controls, On-spot repair services, etc.),

- Capability to run the logistic service of heavy equipment tires from 400 kg to 3 tons all over Turkey using king-size trucks.

- Specially trained personnel should perform the service and maintenance of these unique tires costing between 2.000 Euro to 27.000 Euro per tire. Tatko Off-Road Department periodically trains the personnel responsible for work-site maintenance besides the on-spot services provided directly by our department.

- It is essential to measure the cost per hour for heavy construction equipment since the more the working hour, the higher the cost. OtrXpert software system measures the working hour and the cost of each operational tire and reports the data to the responsible supervisor.

Our main goal as OtrXpert is to minimize the cost per hour of our customers, using the integrated service package, and take some load off their back.