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Tatko started operating as the Turkey Distributor of Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company.


Tatko became the distributor of Dodge Brothers automobiles in Turkey before the Chrysler merger.


Tatko undertook the Ankara- Kayseri Railway bearing’s construction and became the first company in Turkey to use mechanic equipment in railway construction.

Tatko made Caterpillar & Case tractors, harvesting & threshing machinery and other agricultural equipment accessible to the Turkish agriculture industry.


Curtis Wright, represented by Tatko, signed a contract with the Turkish government for the right to produce the Hawk fighter planes in Turkey. Tatko also became the Turkey representative of Sperry Equipment and Irving airplanes.


Raw material shortage experienced during World War 2, affected the Turkish tire industry significantly. During those years Tatko built a rubber and tire retread facility. Eventually, this facility turned into a Goodyear tire factory which operated until 1967.


After the war, Tatko contributed hugely in developing the infrastructure of Turkey using the Dodge and Euclid trucks that had various areas of usage.


Tatko cooperated with the American Goodyear International Corporation to establish Goodyear Lastikleri T.A.Ş. in İzmit, which began operating with a single factory. The most valuable asset of this organization was the sales network spread across the entire country.


Tatko and the Chrysler Corporation built the first truck production facility in İstanbul. They took the first made in Turkey truck out of the assembly line in 1964.


The first and the biggest salt refinery in Turkey, Billur Tuz, was established by Tatko.


Tatko provided the construction and transportation equipment for the Atatürk Dam taking place within the Southeast Anatolia Project (GAP).


Steel wire truck tires became available in Turkey, because of this, Tatko established the first tire retreading facility and company to use precured retreads under the name TATKAP.


We established TATKOTİM to provide service to increasing construction and infrastructure investments. TATKOTİM was the biggest tire retreading facility investment in the Middle East and the Balkans.


After Turkey joined the Customs Union in 1996, many tire brands became available in the market. Because of this availability, there was an increase in demand for multi-branded tire supply and we established the SERTAŞ company to satisfy this demand.


Tatko took notice of the investment need in Turkic Republics and launched the company named Kaz T-Rema International to fulfill the tire shortage in the Kazakhstan market.


We formed TATKO OTOMOTIV to fulfill the establishment & management demands of Tatkap and Tatkotim besides over 200 tire retreading facilities in Turkey.

Tatko Otomotiv helped build retreading facilities in Turkey and 17 other countries besides supplying all their service needs including training, machine equipment and, rubber & raw material.


Tatko carried the 5-year multi-branded tire distribution experience of Sertaş Lastik to the retail industry and established the LastikPark brand, which is a multi-store retail chain.


There was significant interest in LastikPark’s multi-branded retail structure and to fulfill the market demand we established the HerLastik brand.


Tatko has begun distribution of Tatko branded tires after years of joint production with Goodyear. Tractor and Off-Road tires distributed by Tatko were launched in the Turkish market and the International market in February 2014.


We created the “LastikPark Trucker” concept because of a specialization need in retail channels. This became the first multi-branded truck tire retail system in Turkey.


Following the success in the Ukraine and Kazakhstan market, we established the “Tire Management System” (TMS) in Iraq.


Tatko was amongst the top 100 fastest growing companies in Turkey throughout 2012-2015. As a result of this accomplishment, Tatko was qualified to win the “TOBB Turkey 100” award presented by The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey.


Besides the domestic distribution of agricultural tires which begun in 2014, Tatko Lastik started the distribution of PCR and light commercial tires in 2018.


Tatko bought out the Lastik Vs brand in 2019 and reached over 700 total retail stores.