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We, the Tatko group, have been operating for over 90 years.

We continue to develop and adapt since 1927 when we started operating as the Turkey distributor of Goodyear Tire Rubber Co. & Dodge Brothers. Our durability allowed us to become one of the biggest companies in the tire industry.

We are an innovative force in the tire industry with the help of our employees constantly seeking change. The Tatko culture is made up of the collection of information, knowledge, and experiences since 1927, and we embody that culture with pride every day. We believe the values reflecting the Tatko corporate culture have been behind our success throughout this journey. We continue to provide services and contribute to the tire industry with over 400 dealers, and countless partners around Turkey.



We believe that our most valuable asset is the individual’s dedicating their time to this group. We pay great care to ensure that our applicants are suitable for the nature of the position with the motto; the right person for the right job. To make sure that our employee selection is fair and conducted without prejudice, the affiliated department and the human resources department take part in a series of interviews throughout the hiring process.

You can check out the job availabilities from our web page or you can make a general job application via our application form.


We believe that our belief in growth and change brought us to where we are today. Every Tatko member that embraces the corporate culture and works with a sense of accountability, has an opportunity for improvement and more responsibility. We value the opportunities created by individuals and situations rather than the old school career management approach, which restricts individual growth and limits employees to a predetermined role. Individuals who educate themselves under the development needs of Tatko, open a path for different career options. Continuous growth is the key to success at Tatko.